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A E C PLC  London
Coaxial cable, Copper cable, Fiber optic cable, Network cable, Bronze cable, Bare cable, Covered but not insulated cable, Insulated or covered cable, Building cable, Power cable for direct burial, Telecommunications cable, Triaxial cable
A N Wallis & Co Ltd  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Lightning protection apparatus and accessories, Grounding hardware, Copper strip, Brass centrifugal castings, Bronze centrifugal castings, Zinc centrifugal castings, Tin centrifugal castings
A X Distribution  Horsham, West Sussex
Solid state relays, Vacuum switches, Level or float switches, Radio frequency RF switches, Switch parts or accessories, Indicator or pilot lights, Socket relays, Alternating voltage relays
Activisys Ltd  London
Telecommunication Services, Copper cable, Fax Administration Service, Fax Support Service, Mobile Telephone Administration Service, Mobile Telephone Support Service
Admil (UK) Ltd  Wimborne, Dorset
Equipment cases, Lens cleaner, Safety glasses, Eye shields, Protective lens, Video display filters, Eyewear holders or cases, Goggle protective covers, Eye shield garters, Eyewashers or eye wash stations
Alwin Ltd  Cradley Heath, West Midlands
Magnet wire, Copper wire, Edible oils and fats, Kaptan wire, Polymide wire, Extension cord, Hook up wires, Galvanized wire, Bus conductors, Installation wire, Heat resistant wire, Bare wire, Covered but not insulated wire, Insulated or covered wire, Inter connect wire
Apex Electrical & Electronic Services Ltd  Wednesbury, West Midlands
Copper cable, Network service equipment, Cable head end equipment, Content delivery networking equipment, Network gateway, Internet service node startup kits, Cache engine equipment, Network repeaters
Atlas Datacomm  London
Coaxial cable, Copper cable, Network cable, Automotive or aircraft cable, Submarine cable, Control cable, Installation cables, Instrumentation Cable, Ribbon or flat cable, Screened cables, Power cable, Outside plant coaxial cable
B B R Ltd  Glenrothes, Fife
Business Services
Backworth Auto Dismantlers Ltd  Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear
Batteries and cells and accessories, Copper cable, Battery holders, Nickel metal hydride batteries, Fluorescent ballast battery unit
Blue Helix Ltd  Crawley, West Sussex
Copper cable, Cable clips, Cable tie mounts, Cable splicing kits, Strain reliefs, Transformer handles, Electrical insulators, Wire and cable pulling device, Wallplates, Cable clamp and staple
Brand Rex Ltd  Glenrothes, Fife
Coaxial cable, Instrumentation Cable, Electrical wire and cable and harness, Telecommunications cable, Automotive or aircraft cable, Copper cable, Cable accessories
Brand Rex Ltd.  Frodsham, Cheshire
Coaxial cable, Fiber optic cable, Electrical cable and accessories, Copper cable, Building cable, Aerial cable, Network cable, Wiring harness, Crimping materials, Combined or customized multi cables, Heat resistant cables
Butcher Bros Ltd  Croydon, Surrey
Welding electrode, Fluid regulators, Fluid regulator repair kits, Gas regulators, Welding and soldering and brazing supplies
Cablecraft  Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Heating cable, Copper cable, Cable accessories, Automotive or aircraft cable, Coaxial cable, Crosslinked polykaene cable, Floropolymer cable, Inter connect cable, Kaptan cable, Polymide cable
Cabletec I C S Ltd  Weston-Super-Mare, Avon
Copper wire, Electrical wire, Heat guns, Electrical conduit, Wire assembly, Heating wire, Fixture wire, Radio or television wire, Magnet wire
Camlab Electronics  Swindon, Wiltshire
Keyboards, Duplicating machines, Digital duplicators, Faxswitch machines, Facsimile machines, Multifunction machines, Digital senders, Magnetic stripe readers and encoders, Currency recognition equipment, Game pads or joy sticks
Charles Muddle Ltd  Billingshurst, West Sussex
Magnet wire, Copper wire, Trolley wire, Underground wire, Silicon asbestos SA wire, Hook up wires, Galvanized wire, Bus conductors, Installation wire, Heat resistant wire
City Electrical Factors Ltd  Craigavon, Armagh
Cable reels, Control cable, Copper cable, Electrical cable and accessories, Wiring harness, Automotive or aircraft cable, Electrical wire and cable and harness, Electrical wire, Signal cable, Bronze cable
Crow Metals  Romford, Essex
Copper wire, Magnet wire, Insulated or covered wire, Inter connect wire, Kaptan wire, Polymide wire, Extension cord, Copper clad aluminum wire, Copper steel wire
Current Force  London
Lamp base, Control cable, Copper cable, Coaxial cable, Lamp glass, Lamp filament, Electric lead wires or cables, Outside plant coaxial cable, Outside plant communications cable, Outside plant telecommunications cable
D A C Steels Ltd  Sheffield, South Yorkshire
TA6V super alloy, Copper cable, Combined or customized multi cables, Heat resistant cables, Instrumentation Cable, Cable reels, Power cord, Outdoor fiber optics cable, Crimping materials, Heating cable, Submarine cable, Control cable
Deta Electrical Co Ltd  Luton, Bedfordshire
Electrical wire, Copper cable, Cable accessories, Light boxes, Coaxial cable, Lamp safety fitting, Lamp wiring assembly kit, Lamp ballasts, Lamp housings, Lamp sockets, Electronic transformers
Devizes Reclamation Ltd.  Devizes, Wiltshire
Motor brake, Power sources, Engine components and accessories, Camshaft, Airbags, Governors, Cylinder block, Fuel vapor canister, Glow plugs, Oil dip sticks or tubes, Oil strainers, Push rod tubes, Rocker arm balls
Edson Machinery Co  Crawley, West Sussex
Assembly machines, Soldering flux, Copper wire, Miscellaneous assembly machines, Assembly fixtures, Specialty assembly, Assembly systems for chassis vehicle operation VO, Unlimited component assembly, Powertrain complete lines
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