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Atex Equipment Ltd  Farnborough, Hampshire
Acoustical or noise control housings or enclosures, Pump noise control housing, Air intake noise control enclosure, Machine noise control housing, Mounted generator set noise control enclosure
H L Thorne & Co Ltd  Oldbury, West Midlands
Brass ingots, Bronze ingots, Copper ingots, Non ferrous alloy extrusion ingots, Non metallic ingots, Lead ingots, Aluminum ingots, Zinc ingots, Steel ingots, Magnesium ingots, Titanium ingots
John Mays Engineers  Thetford, Norfolk
Hardware and fittings, Fluid and gas regulators, Fluid and gas distribution, Pipe fittings, Pipe, Titanium pipe, Copper pipe
K M E Uk  Worcester, Worcestershire
Copper rods, Copper coil, Aluminum rods, Magnesium rods, Titanium rods, Non ferrous alloy rods, Iron rods, Tin rods, Lead rods
Marine Engineering Pipeworks Ltd  Sunderland, Tyne And Wear
Pipe flanges, Hardware and fittings, Socketweld flanges, Spectacle blind flanges, Threaded flanges, Weldneck flanges, Puddle flanges, Reducing flanges, Ammonia flanges, Backup flanges, Blind flanges, Lapjoint flanges, Long weldneck flanges
Nautic Steels Ltd  Tamworth, Staffordshire
Pipe fittings, Fluid and gas regulators, Fluid and gas distribution, Pipe branch outlets, Pipe laterals, Pipe inserts, Pipe reducers, Pipe saddles
Northern Fabricators  Elgin, Morayshire
Pipe fittings, Stainless steel pipe, Copper pipe, Flooring, Pipe wyes, Pipe tees, Pipe unions, Pipe reducing couplings, Pipe repair clamps, Rupture disk, Pipe connection boxes, Pipe baffles, Pipe spacers, Pipe swivel or rotating joints, Pipe bushings, Pipe crosses
Petrofit Ltd  Oldbury, West Midlands
Fluid and gas distribution, Fluid and gas regulators, Pipe nipples, Orifice flanges, Blind flanges, Threaded flanges, Pipe elbows, Long weldneck flanges, Puddle flanges, Reducing flanges, Lapjoint flanges, Ammonia flanges, Backup flanges, Weldneck flanges, Plate flanges
Righton Ltd  Birmingham, West Midlands
Steel shafting, Brass rods, Structural materials and basic shapes, Stainless steel shafting, Bronze rods, Stainless steel rods
Stauff Anglia Uk  Wymondham, Norfolk
Granulators, Pharmaceutical sieve or screening machines, Sterile or aseptic processing or filling machines, Tablet or capsule testing machines, Tablet counters, Tabletting machines, Vaccine production equipment
Trendrail Ltd  St. Helens, Merseyside
Steel angles, Stainless steel angles, Aluminum angles, Magnesium angles, Titanium angles, Copper angles, Brass angles, Bronze angles, Zinc angles, Tin angles, Lead angles, Plastic angles, Rubber angles
Wilsons Plc  Cobham, Surrey
Pipe fittings, Pipe bushings, Pipe couplings, Pipe crosses, Pipe elbows, Pipe nipples, Pipe stubends, Pipe wyes, Pipe bends, Pipe caps, Pipe half couplings, Pipe expansion joints, Pipe connection boxes
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