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Armstrong Hydraulic Services (Hull) Ltd  Hull, North Humberside
Steering system, Power steering system, Hydraulic motor, Pump motor AC, Tube fittings, Mounting bases for pneumatic cylinder, Pneumatic cylinder cushion rings
DBI Plastics  Leicester, Leicestershire
Pipe caps, Bolted tube assemblies, Plastic pipe, Copper bolted tube assemblies, Brass bolted tube assemblies, Aluminum bolted tube assemblies
Earth 1st Hire  Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Pipe nipples, Pipe tees, Air compressors, Pipe unions, Pipe reducing couplings, Pipe repair clamps, Rupture disk, Pipe connection boxes, Pipe baffles, Pipe spacers, Pipe swivel or rotating joints, Pipe bushings, Pipe couplings, Pipe crosses
Pipe Center  Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Pipe plugs, Fluid and gas regulators, Fluid and gas distribution, Hardware and fittings, Pipe caps, Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies, Pipe angle face rings, Pipe branch outlets
South East Hose & Hydraulics  Basildon, Essex
Grease fitting, Filter media, Filter papers, Filter aids, Filter mesh, Metal fabric media, Pressed felts, Filter cloth, Fluid and gas regulators
Stauff (UK)  Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Fluid and gas distribution, Fluid and gas regulators, Ball valves, Tube couplings, Tube fittings, Hydraulic valves, Brass pipe, Tube unions, Tube caps, Tube nipples, Tube plugs, Tube connectors, Tube crosses, Tube reducers, Tube bushings, Tube adapters, Tube elbows
T W Stamping  Birmingham, West Midlands
Stampings and sheet components, Draw formed components, Hydro formed components, Spin formed components, Roll formed components, Stretch formed components, Explosive formed components, Stamped components, Punched components, Flaring tool, Nut driver bits, Vise jaw liners or caps
Tidyco Ltd  Derby, Derbyshire
Water pumps, Pumps, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic cylinders and pistons, Hoses, Fuel pumps, Sludge pumps, Turbine pumps, Plunger pumps, Oscillating pumps, Drum pumps, Dredge pumps, Reverse osmosis pumps, Axial split pumps
Truflow Hydraulic Components Ltd  Walsall, West Midlands
Tube fittings, Tube tees, Tube unions, Tube caps, Tube nipples, Tube plugs, Tube couplings, Tube bushings, Tube adapters, Tube connectors, Tube crosses, Tube reducers, Tube elbows, Ferrule nuts, Crimp connectors, Hydraulic quick connectors
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