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Blackwater Manufacturing Ltd  Glenrothes, Fife
Pipe fittings, Pipe baffles, Pipe spacers, Pipe swivel or rotating joints, Pipe angle face rings, Pipe branch outlets, Pipe laterals, Pipe inserts, Pipe reducers, Pipe saddles
H P F Energy Services  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Pipe fittings, Pipe flanges, Lapjoint flanges, Long weldneck flanges, Orifice flanges, Plate flanges, Slipon flanges, Socketweld flanges, Spectacle blind flanges, Threaded flanges, Weldneck flanges, Puddle flanges, Reducing flanges
I B P Conex  Dundee, Angus
Pipe fittings, Pipe nipples, Pipe stubends, Pipe wyes, Pipe bends, Pipe caps, Pipe half couplings, Pipe expansion joints, Pipe plugs, Pipe bushings
John Bell Pipeline Equipment Co Ltd  Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Orifice flanges, Iron or steel forging services, Fluid and gas regulators, Fluid and gas distribution, Tube fittings
M B Inspection Services  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Rigging services, Pipe fittings, Pipe nipples, Pipe crosses, Pipe elbows, Pipe tees, Pipe unions, Pipe reducing couplings, Pipe repair clamps, Rupture disk, Pipe connection boxes