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BEP Heating & Plumbing  Chester, Cheshire
Electrical fittings, Electrical general purpose enclosure, Electrical operator interface unit enclosure, Electrical pushbutton enclosure, Electrical terminal enclosure, Fire rated poke through box, Fuse cabinet, Gang box
Cronation Ltd  Birmingham, West Midlands
Tube fittings, Hardware and fittings, Fluid and gas distribution, Tube elbows, Tube tees, Tube unions, Tube caps, Tube nipples, Tube plugs, Tube bushings
Dugdale Plastics Ltd  Margate, Kent
Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies, Hardware and fittings, Drains, Faucets, Shower heads, Spigots, Spouts, P traps
Essex Partners Ltd  Liverpool, Merseyside
Immersion heaters, Strip heaters, Tubular heaters, Two pass exchangers, Quartz heater, Domestic water heaters, Commercial water heaters, Ceramic fiber heaters
Faucets (S W S S) Ltd  Pontypool, Gwent
Taps, Wire or cable cutter, Countesink tool or counterbore tool, Drill carbide, Drills high speed steel, Hob cutter, Knives and skives, Pipe or tube cutter
H & K Tools  Stockport, Cheshire
Drilling and operation machinery, Tube fittings, Boring or sinking machinery, Downhole assembly machinery, Hammer drills, Crawler drills, Well drilling bit cones, Drilling and operation accessories, Tunneling machinery, Striking hammers, Sinker drills
Imperial Bathroom Co Ltd  Walsall, West Midlands
Plastics Products
Imperial Bathroom Co PLC  Walsall, West Midlands
Taps, Sanitary ware, Pipe or tube cutter, Solid milling cutter, Reamer, Shaper cutter, Shaving cutter, Countesink tool or counterbore tool, Drills high speed steel, Hob cutter, Knives and skives, Wire or cable cutter, Drill carbide, Broach, Boring tool
Polypipe Bathroom & Kitchen Products Ltd  Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Floats, Lead die castings, Edgers, Trowels, Concrete vibrators, Toilet seats, Sanitary ware, Ball valves, Sinks, Taps, Die castings, Brass die castings
Polypipe Terrain Ltd  Aylesford, Kent
Pipe fittings, Plastic pipe, Fluid and gas distribution, Fluid and gas regulators, Pipe angle face rings, Pipe branch outlets, Pipe laterals, Pipe inserts, Pipe reducers, Pipe saddles, Pipe stubends, Pipe wyes, Pipe expansion joints
Shires Ltd  Bradford, West Yorkshire
Tube fittings, Tube tees, Tube unions, Tube caps, Tube nipples, Tube plugs, Tube couplings, Tube bushings, Tube adapters
The Sloane Group  Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Hardware and fittings, Spouts, P traps, Plumbing adapters, Plumbing connectors, Plumbing hangers, Hydrants, Plumbing vents, Nozzles, Plumbing spiders, Hose fitting, Funnels, Grease fitting, Diaphragms
W T Knowles & Son Ltd  Elland, West Yorkshire
Pipe fittings, Pipe couplings, Pipe crosses, Pipe elbows, Pipe baffles, Pipe spacers, Pipe swivel or rotating joints
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