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Bizerba Uk Ltd  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Thermal paper, Personnel forms or personnel books, Sales forms or sales books, Inventory forms or inventory books, Correspondence forms or correspondence books
Boyall Graphics & Print Ltd  Northampton, Northamptonshire
Safety switches, Dimmer switches, Drum switches, Time switches, Snap switches, Rotary switches, Power relays, General purpose relays, Socket relays, Alternating voltage relays, Mercury relays
Elkay Laboratory Products (Uk) Ltd  Basingstoke, Hampshire
Laboratory supplies and fixtures, Laboratory implements, General laboratory glassware and plasticware and supplies, Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment, Production standards development
Guardpack Ltd  Chelmsford, Essex
Facial tissues, Tube or core end plugs, Paper pieces, Printed inserts or instructions, Collapsible tubes, Spool, Reel, Parcel handles
Hanman Split Ltd  Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systems, Robot components, Actuators, Automation control devices and components and accessories, Safety control devices
ICL Plastics Ltd  Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Duct tape, Electrical insulating tape, Masking tape, Carpet tape, Double sided tape, Bismalemide tape, Fiberglass tape
Jena Uk Ltd  Romsey, Hampshire
Plastics Products
John House  Reading, Berkshire
Name plates or tags, Classroom student seating charts, Substitute teacher folders or forms, Technology activity or resource books, Technology reference guides
Labelsco Ltd  Leicester, Leicestershire
Labels, Bar code labels, Signage and accessories, Tags, Clothing labels, Canning or bottling labels, Addressing or mailing labels, Self adhesive labels, Identification documents, Signage equipment, Decals, Label removing kits, Packaging labels
Plastics W Graham Ltd  Dundee, Angus
Duct tape, Electrical insulating tape, Graphite tape, Nylon tape, Resin impregnated tape, Wire mesh tape, Transparent tape
Quadralene Ltd  Derby, Derbyshire
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, Sterilization wraps and packaging supplies, Chamber cleaners for autoclaves or sterilizers, Disinfectant soaking pans, Instrument care kits, Instrument cleaners or detergents, Medical equipment and instrument disinfectant washing equipment
Smith Flow Control Ltd  Witham, Essex
Safety light curtain and scanner, Safety mat and edge, Load switch IEC, Safety Control Module, Safety isolation system, Padlocks, Cable locks, Lock sets, Pushbutton locks, Keys, Safes, Security bars, Number locks, Key cabinets or organizers